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Legislative Budget Office Oversight Commission

The Legislative Budget Office Oversight Commission was established in 2018 (Minnesota Statutes 3.8854) to review the work of the Legislative Budget Office (LBO) and make recommendations regarding the office's ability to fulfill its duties. The Oversight Commission is charged with appointing the LBO director and is also responsible for establishing the director's duties. The director of the LBO serves as the executive secretary of the Commission. The chair and vice-chair alternate biennially between the senate and the house of representatives.

Legislative Budget Office (LBO)

The LBO is a nonpartisan office of the Minnesota Legislature. It was created to provide the House of Representatives and the Senate with accurate, and timely information on the fiscal impact of proposed legislation (Minnesota Statutes 3.8853). The LBO was established in 2017 and assumed control of fiscal note operations on September 1, 2019. The office is responsible for preparing fiscal notes and local impact notes that analyze the cost impacts of proposed legislation.

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